Strategic Planning

You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know how to get there.

2016 Journey To Excellence                                                               Feb 2017 Journey T0 Excellence

In Jayhawk Area Council, we just approved our 2017-2019 Long Range Strategic Plan. The plan was passed at the January Executive Board meeting and was rolled out in February during the Council Annual Recognition Banquet.  Currently, the Council Commissioner and Assistant Scout Executive are attending roundtables to inform unit leadership.

In my three councils prior to becoming a Scout Executive, I directly assisted with the creation or implementation those Long Range Strategic Plans having served as staff advisor for various operating committees and giving attention to the progress toward implementation of the objectives.

 Strategic Plan Accomplishments:

  • Recruited high quality individuals (both board and non-board members) to chair focus groups and serve as overall chair.
  • Assisted in developing dated benchmarks for implementation of developed plans.
  • Work with operating committees to keep progress toward the Long Range Strategic Plan objectives.
  • Rolled out the plan by working with the Council Commissioner to take the plan “on the road” to roundtables and other district level meetings.
  • Incorporate objectives into board meeting agendas to ensure focus on tasks.
  • Set up various feedback opportunities around the council.
  • Quarterly reporting on progress by operating committees as a part of executive board meetings.